Flamin’ Four – Week 11

After going 3-1 last week, I’m back with a little confidence for round two. However, last week taught me a few things. First, don’t bet on Carolina, they play to inconsistent not only week to week but also quarter to quarter as last night’s game showed. Also, Tampa Bay and Seattle are better than I thought, especially Seattle’s resurgent offense last Sunday night.

If this is your first time reading the Flamin’ Four and have no idea what this about or what I just talked about, it’s okay I included the explanation for everything after my picks. I didn’t want to bore my weekly readers with lengthy explanations, so I plan on getting straight to the picks each week.

Tennessee Titans (+3) at Indianapolis Colts

Tennessee is playing the best football they have in the past few years. Murray has been a perfect fit and Mariota is playing smart, efficient football. Andrew Luck and the Colts got the best of the Titans earlier this season; however Luck hasn’t won back to back games since December 2014. Tennessee breaks their 10 game losing streak this week in Indianapolis

Tennessee (35-30)

Tampa Bay (+7.5) at Kansas City

Kansas City is not a flashy team, but is well coached, plays tough, and always find a way to win (even with Andy Reid’s clock management skills). Last week proved Tampa Bay has some fire power offense and due to that they will keep it close, but will not be able to pull it out late in the 4th quarter.

Kansas City (24-17)

Miami Dolphins (-1.5) at Los Angeles Rams

Miami is one of the hottest teams in the league right now rolling to 4 game win streak behind Jay Ajayi’s monster performances. The time difference shouldn’t play a major factor for Miami after a win last week versus a solid San Diego Chargers team. Also, the Rams have arguably the worst offense in NFL and Jared Goff starting this week will improve it marginally though not enough to match Miami’s offense.

Miami (20-14)

Arizona Cardinals (+2.5) at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are hard to watch on offense and now will only get worse with the loss of another tackle for the year totaling to three for the season. Both teams have great defenses. So, the edge goes to Arizona, the underdog, with their potentially powerful offense who I believe will play up to the magnitude of this playoff impacting game and win back in Larry Fitzgerald’s hometown.

Arizona (26-23)

All my betting lines are from under the VI Consensus column, which is the most frequent betting line among Las Vegas and Online sportsbooks.

Point spreads can be difficult to interpret, especially if you are not familiar with sports betting world. Therefore, let me explain how to read them in an easy way before I get into my picks. In every game there is one team that is favored and the other is the underdog. The favored team has (-#) next to their name and the underdog has (+#) next to their name. Here is an example to put it all together:

Houston Texans (-7) at Tennessee Titans (+7)

The Houston Texans have been set as seven-point favorites over the Tennessee Titans. That means, for the Texans to cover this spread, they will need to win the game by at least eight points to win a bet placed on them. On the other side, the Titans are receiving seven points. They can either lose the game by six points or less or win outright and win a bet placed on them. All the games I choose will be in this format; however there are games where neither team is the favorite or underdog, but I don’t want to complicate things and confuse you all so let’s get to the picks.

Also, I want my blog to stay connected with my readers, therefore I encourage you to comment below and share with me your thoughts and feelings on this topic, whether you agree or disagree. To me, it’s not about being right it’s about understanding and analyzing all perspectives. Provide a comment below or email me ( about any sports topics you would like for me write about in the future.


2 thoughts on “Flamin’ Four – Week 11

    1. Unfortunately, officials are unpredictable week to week and that doesn’t help when picking against the spread. But, hey at least the league doesn’t use replacement referees anymore!


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