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Flamin’ Four – CFB Rivalry Edition

This is arguably the biggest football weekend of the year with big games Thursday through Sunday. Along with that it is rivalry week for college football. With that being said I was asked by a few friends to do a Flamin’ Four blog on some of the rivalry games. I’m not greatly familiar with college football teams and how they do against the spread, but hey I’ve always said that the only way to learn something is by practicing it. So, here we go.

Kansas (+27) at Kansas State

Kansas is coming off their biggest win in the past 5 years last week over Texas. Kansas will carry that momentum into their last game of the season against K-State and make this rivalry game competitive, which hasn’t been competitive in the past 6 years.

Kansas State (45-21)

Clemson at South Carolina (+24)

South Carolina hasn’t been very impressive the past few years, but people forget they won 5 straight games in this rivalry from 2009-2013. Also, only once has this rivalry game been decided by 24 points or more. With that being said South Carolina plays a tight game, however losing in the 4th quarter when Clemson’s physicality wears out South Carolina.

Clemson (35-21)

Auburn at Alabama (-17.5)

Alabama is on another level of football than everyone else in the SEC this season and this game should finally prove that to everyone. They get to play at home where they rarely lose and are 8-2 ATS (against the spread) this season. Alabama will win dominantly.

Alabama (40-17)

Michigan at Ohio State (-6.5)

Ohio State gets a favorable line at 6.5 where they only have to win by a touchdown to cover the spread. Ohio State has won the last 11 of 12 rivalry games. Michigan’s starting quarterback is hurt and it’ll be difficult for their backup to go to the Horseshoe and get a win. Ohio State wins a thriller

Ohio State (21-14)

All my betting lines are from under the VI Consensus column, which is the most frequent betting line among Las Vegas and Online sportsbooks.

Point spreads can be difficult to interpret, especially if you are not familiar with sports betting world. Therefore, let me explain how to read them in an easy way before I get into my picks. In every game there is one team that is favored and the other is the underdog. The favored team has (-#) next to their name and the underdog has (+#) next to their name. Here is an example to put it all together:

Houston Texans (-7) at Tennessee Titans (+7)

The Houston Texans have been set as seven-point favorites over the Tennessee Titans. That means, for the Texans to cover this spread, they will need to win the game by at least eight points to win a bet placed on them. On the other side, the Titans are receiving seven points. They can either lose the game by six points or less or win outright and win a bet placed on them. All the games I choose will be in this format; however there are games where neither team is the favorite or underdog, but I don’t want to complicate things and confuse you all so let’s get to the picks.

Also, I want my blog to stay connected with my readers, therefore I encourage you to comment below and share your thoughts and feelings on this topic, whether you agree or disagree. To me, it’s not about being right it’s about understanding and analyzing all perspectives. Provide a comment below or email me ( about any sports topics you would like for me write about in the future.


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