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Flamin’ Four – College Football Playoff

I’m back adventuring into the College Football betting world again on New Year’s Eve. Last time I wrote about College Football was during Championship week. During that weekend I learned that Washington is ready to compete on the big stage, whether they are ready to win or not I’m not sure, but we’ll see in… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – College Football Playoff

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Flamin’ Four – Week 16

Christmas season is finally here and it is truly the most wonderful time over year with family coming into town, cookies being made, presents being given, football every day of the week, and the thing you are looking forward to the most my picks of the week. My overall record this season is 12-9-3 after… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 16

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UFC: 2016 Year in Review

By: David Salmon Over the past decade, the sport of mixed martial arts has become a cultural phenomenon, growing in popularity and recognition with the UFC leading the way. The rise of the UFC has seen the birth of many great talents and recognizable stars along with a steady increase in fans both casual and… Continue reading UFC: 2016 Year in Review

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Flamin’ Four – Week 15

Another week of my picks going 2-2. This season I haven’t been doing great, but also haven’t doing bad. The best way to describe that is being average and I don’t like being average. I constantly strive to become the best, so here’s a few things I learned last week that can help lead me… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 15

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Flamin’ Four – Week 14

It’s exam week here at Campbell University, but that won’t stop me from continuing my series. College students are always looking for a way to get away from studying, well this is mine. Last week my picks went 2-2 making me 8-7-1 so far this season. With the way the Eagles have been playing lately… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 14

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Flamin’ Four – Week 13

I’m back at it again after my worst week of the year and I feel pretty good about this week’s picks. Last week I jumped on Dallas’s betting bandwagon to late, learned Oakland doesn’t like putting away teams, and New Orleans is the best team that won’t make the playoffs this year. If this is… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 13

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Flamin’ Four – Championship Week

I ventured into the College Football betting world last week and had Ohio State stopped Michigan in the first overtime on 4th down I would have been 3-1 looking pretty smart. But, now I’m just an average college football fan who is back for redemption on Championship Week. Yes, I know some of you are… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Championship Week