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Flamin’ Four – Week 13

I’m back at it again after my worst week of the year and I feel pretty good about this week’s picks. Last week I jumped on Dallas’s betting bandwagon to late, learned Oakland doesn’t like putting away teams, and New Orleans is the best team that won’t make the playoffs this year.

If this is your first time reading the Flamin’ Four and have no idea what this about or what I just talked about, it’s okay I explained everything in Flamin’ Four – Week 10 Blog. Let’s get to some picks.

Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers (-6.5)

Green Bay hasn’t looked good this year and honestly it’s a little weird because they haven’t been bad since 2008. With that being said they still play their best football at Lambeau Field and Houston is awful on the road with 4 of their 5 losses away from home. Houston is an overrated team with an average quarterback that shouldn’t have received a superstar contract. Green Bay has a pretty quarterback ‘leading’ their team to victory today.

Green Bay (24-17)

Philadelphia Eagles (+1.5) at Cincinnati Bengals

I was surprised to see Cincinnati favored in this game. Both teams have 2 primary players on offense missing this game. The Bengal’s defense has exceptional personnel however they haven’t produced this season leading to the 28th run defense in the NFL. On the other side, the Eagles have an up and coming defense lead by Fletcher Cox who has had a career year this season. Philly pulls out the win in a defensive battle.

Philadelphia (18-15)

Washington Redskins (+2.5) at Arizona Cardinals

Another Vegas line that I’m surprised to see. But, hey they know more than me so my knowledge might be flawed. Arizona is another team with great personnel on defense that have underperformed this season. Washington behind Kirk Cousins is a solid team this year, their offense is explosive and defense makes plays in key situations. Jordan Reed is out for Washington today, which could be a blessings today. Arizona has not let up a touchdown to a Tight End this season, so Washington’s offense could more efficient spreading the ball around to different receivers.

Washington (28-27)

New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.5)

The Giants are 8-3, but to me don’t play like an 8-3 team. However I do want to give credit to Jerry Reese, New York Giants general manager, for going out in free agency and giving the Giants a solid defense. With that being said this game will see two of the top NFL receivers go at it. I believe Ben and Antonio have more chemistry than Eli and Odell giving them a slight advantage. Also, a hidden part of the Giants season has been a non-existent running game ranking 31st in the NFL. The Steelers don’t have that issue with one of the best running backs in the league in Le’Veon Bell. That’s the X factor that leads the Steelers to victory in America’s Game of the Week.

Pittsburgh (35-28)

All my betting lines are from under the VI Consensus column, which is the most frequent betting line among Las Vegas and Online sportsbooks.

Also, I want my blog to stay connected with my readers, therefore I encourage you to comment below and share your thoughts and feelings on this topic, whether you agree or disagree. To me, it’s not about being right it’s about understanding and analyzing all perspectives. Provide a comment below or email me ( about any sports topics you would like for me write about in the future.


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