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Flamin’ Four – Divisional Weekend

My picks might not all be right this week, but I can promise you one thing, the divisional weekend will be 100 times more interesting than the wildcard weekend. Last week all the games were blowouts and Saturday was arguably unwatchable football. Other than the Patriots versus Houston each game this week will be tight, back and forth games ultimately won in the 4th quarter.

If Connor Cook played like a feasible quarterback last week my picks would have finished 4-0 for the first time this season. Also, last week Aaron Rodgers wowed us again, Le’Veon Bell was impressive in his first playoff game, and Paul Richardson had a breakout game. With that being said, I feel quite confident about this week picks let’s get to it.

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons

The majority of the week the focus has been on the Cowboys-Packers game passing over the most intriguing game to me, Falcons-Seahawks. There are 2 main storylines here: Can Matty Ice prove his 1-4 playoff record and win a big playoff game? And is Russel Wilson an elite enough quarterback to lead a depleted Seattle team to multiple playoff wins? I have enjoyed watching both teams this season with Seattle’s tenacity and Atlanta’s wide spread explosive offense. After that, the key to this game, which most of you figured out or heard, is can Seattle’s offense keep up with Atlanta’s? But, the name you don’t know that will be the x factor is the sack hungry, Vic Beasley. He will be in the backfield all night versus a weak Seattle offensive line leading to a multiple sack game and a Falcon win.

Atlanta (38-31)

Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Patriots and Brock Osweiler is the quarterback for Texans. That there is only analysis you need for this game.

Patriots (28-10)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

I know New England is the favorite to reach the Super Bowl from the AFC, but I believe the winner of this game will go to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the most underrated team in the playoffs and they have one of the best rosters in the league. The secondary for Chiefs is exciting to watch with the star safety Eric Berry, who has a wonderful comeback story and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you go and watch it now, and the young, up and coming star Marcus Peters. However, Pittsburgh has just as many stars on offense with Bell and Brown. The ugly weather for this game has already had an effect moving the game from 1 pm EST to 8:20 pm EST. That will bring more hype to this big AFC game that swings to the team with the big time quarterback Big Ben.

Steelers (35-33)

Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

One of the best historic rivalry’s gets renewed this weekend, but this time with no ice. Green Bay is the hottest team in football with the best player over the last 8 weeks. Although, Dallas has been the hottest team in football this season. So, which ride will come to an end this weekend? Green Bay will be a missing a key piece this weekend with Jordy Nelson out. Yes, I know their offense was hitting on all cylinders last week even after Nelson was hurt, but the truth is the Giants soul was taken at the end of the first half by Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary. Dallas is coming off a bye extremely healthy unlike Green Bay’s secondary. Rodgers will play a great game, however it won’t match the dominance Ezekiel Elliot will have over Green Bay’s poor run defense. I’ve been on the Packers bandwagon the past few weeks, although I believe Aaron Rogers run will end in Jerry’s World this weekend.

Cowboys (31-28)

I want to stay connected with my readers, therefore I encourage you to comment below and share your thoughts and feelings on who you think will win this week or the weeks to come. Also, you can email me ( if you’d like to discuss the playoff in more detail or talk about any sports topics you would like for me write about in the future.


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