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Flamin’ Four – Super Bowl Edition

We have finally arrived, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! More people will watch the Super Bowl today than any other TV show this year. Also, last year Super Bowl Sunday was the 2nd largest food consumption day of the day behind Thanksgiving. As a dedicated football fan this is the most exciting, but saddening days as the biggest football game of the year brings the season to the end. With that being said, this game will be one to remember with 2 world class teams taking the field putting on a great show to cap off a relatively dull playoffs. Let’s get to some picks.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

Can New England stop the high flying Falcons offense? How will Atlanta rattle Brady and throw him off his game? Which team will win the special teams battle? All these questions are key components to game, but I don’t believe they are the end all be all on who will win this game. Here is the key, explosive plays and I want to include turnovers to explosive plays even though they are not usually included within that category. New England is the king of controlling explosive plays, which is why their defense has been sneaky dominant the past few seasons. I want to take you back to Super Bowl XXXVI when New England played the explosive St. Louis Rams lead by Kurt Warner. The Rams outgained the Patriots 427-267 in total yards and the Patriots forced 3 turnovers. The Patriots won on a legendary Adam Vinatieri field goal as time expired. The story coming into that game was very similar to this year’s game: high powered offense versus consistent turnover savvy defense. The game was won by the limit of explosive plays and key turnovers by New England and I believe that will be the story of today’s game as well. Atlanta will have 400 yards, but that won’t be enough to beat Brady. Also, one thing that I’ve learned throughout this season is always bet on the great overall coach over the offensive mastermind coach. With that being said, Brady and Belichick will finally fill up one hand with Super Bowl rings and don’t be surprised if this is Brady’s last game.

New England (24-21)

I encourage you to comment below and share your thoughts and feelings on who you think will win this week or the weeks to come. Also, you can email me ( if you’d like to discuss the playoff in more detail or talk about any sports topics you would like for me write about in the future.


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