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NFL Mock Draft

Draft Day is finally here! As Adam Schefter tweeted this morning, “Christmas in late April.” Throughout the spring Geoffrey Leins, Tony McWhite, and I have broke down some best and worst position groups of this year’s draft. The quarterbacks could potentially be worst than they were in 2016 NFL Draft, while the running backs and cornerbacks… Continue reading NFL Mock Draft

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Draft Talk – WR Edition

The receivers this year are top heavy, many believe that there are 3 potential superstars in the making. Read below and see if we agree with that theory. Mike Williams (Clemson) Height: 6’4, Weight: 218 lbs. 98 Receptions, 1,361 Yards, 11 TDs 40 Time: 4.49, Bench: 15 Reps, Vertical: 32’5 2 Year Starter Strengths: Mike… Continue reading Draft Talk – WR Edition

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Draft Talk – RB Edition

As an NFL fan, there is a lot to look forward to in these next couple of weeks. The combine just started, free agency starts soon, and then the draft. This year there is a lot of news based around running backs. The running back draft class is more talented than ever, and free agency… Continue reading Draft Talk – RB Edition

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Draft Talk – QB Edition

The football season may be over, but draft season is upon us. The NFL Draft is my 2nd favorite sporting event behind the Super Bowl. That may seem odd, why pick the draft over March Madness, the NBA Finals, or even the CFB Playoff? Well, like most NFL fans the draft brings optimism back into… Continue reading Draft Talk – QB Edition

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Flamin’ Four – Super Bowl Edition

We have finally arrived, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! More people will watch the Super Bowl today than any other TV show this year. Also, last year Super Bowl Sunday was the 2nd largest food consumption day of the day behind Thanksgiving. As a dedicated football fan this is the most exciting, but saddening days as… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Super Bowl Edition

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Flamin’ Four – Divisional Weekend

My picks might not all be right this week, but I can promise you one thing, the divisional weekend will be 100 times more interesting than the wildcard weekend. Last week all the games were blowouts and Saturday was arguably unwatchable football. Other than the Patriots versus Houston each game this week will be tight,… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Divisional Weekend

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Flamin’ Four – Wild Card Weekend

The regular season may be done but the excitement is far from over, it’s playoff time! This season has treated me pretty well so far as my picks finished 16-12-4, although now I have to think a totally different way because the playoffs are a whole different beast. Teams and players shine and shutdown in… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Wild Card Weekend