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Flamin’ Four Week 14

Many big storylines came out after last week’s games. The Cowboys start their potential run to a wildcard spot with a dominate win against the Redskins. Minnesota continues to impress with a big win against the Falcons. The Chiefs season continues go downhill after an embarrassing loss to the Jets. Jacksonville continues to show they… Continue reading Flamin’ Four Week 14

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Flamin’ Four Rivalry Weekend

  I begin my Flamin Four College Edition with rivalry week. As a college football, I know that rivalry games are the most memorable games of a player’s career and this week bring some of the biggest rivalries in all of sports onto the big screen. I have the opportunity this year to attend the… Continue reading Flamin’ Four Rivalry Weekend

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Flamin’ Four Week 12

Three major games were the highlight of Week 11. The Rams high flying offense hit a brick wall in Minnesota, while the Vikings are now in the Super Bowl conversation. The Sunday night headline game wasn’t much of a game, but it revealed that the Cowboys are in serious trouble to make the playoffs with… Continue reading Flamin’ Four Week 12

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Flamin’ Four Week 11

Separation Sunday occurred last week. The Saints, Rams, Vikings, Patriots and Panthers (Monday) all had dominant wins, which showed that these teams belong at the top of the NFL rankings. The Falcons, Jaguars, Titans, and Seahawks (Thursday) all performed well showing their capability to win a game in January. Although Pittsburgh barely got out of… Continue reading Flamin’ Four Week 11

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Flamin’ Four Week 10

Many teams showed their true colors this past week. The Rams and Eagles show the nation that they are the real deal and that their 1st round picks last year are developing quite well. The Saints again assert their surprising dominance of the NFC South. Jacksonville is ready to take the next step to become… Continue reading Flamin’ Four Week 10

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Flamin’ Four – Week 9

Outside of the Texans – Seahawks game, Week 8 was another uneventful week for the NFL. The suspense this week leading up to Sunday’s games has been the most eventful so far this season. With the trade deadline on Tuesday leading to 4 surprising trades, Zeke’s suspension turned delayed suspension… again, and DeShaun Watson’s unfortunate… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 9

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Flamin’ Four – Week 7

Injuries have plagued the NFL so far this season, many of the league stars sustained season ending injuries over the past couple weeks. The loss of Aaron Rodgers effect football fans nationwide and made them think about the future of the NFL. Well one positive that comes out of injuries is the opportunity to see… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 7