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Flamin’ Four – Week 7

Injuries have plagued the NFL so far this season, many of the league stars sustained season ending injuries over the past couple weeks. The loss of Aaron Rodgers effect football fans nationwide and made them think about the future of the NFL. Well one positive that comes out of injuries is the opportunity to see… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 7

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Flamin’ Four – Week 6

Alex Smith and Philip Rivers pulled through for me last week, while Andy Dalton and Aaron Rodgers spoiled my chances at a perfect week. The Chargers and Giants game was uglier than I expected, although it was due to injury and not performance like I predicted. The Bills defense let up one to many explosive plays… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 6

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Flamin’ Four – Week 5

The Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Los Angeles Rams, oh and the surprising spectacular performance by the Seattle offense capped off another great Sunday of football. While questions arise when talking about the New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, and Oakland Raiders due to poor performances and key injuries. Week 5 brings some key matchups look… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 5

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Flamin’ Four – Week 3

A relatively uneventful week was capped off with some excitement on Sunday night. The 2016 NFC Championship rematch appeared lopsided in the first half, with the falcons offense dominating. However, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers made viewers interested in the 4th quarter with 2 touchdowns, although Matt Ryan pulled out the game and showed that… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 3

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Flamin’ Four – Week 2

Rookie running backs dominated week 1, some expected, some unexpected. Kareem Hunt and Tarik Cohen were the breakout stars that NFL fans didn’t see coming (If you read Draft Talk – RB Edition in the spring their success shouldn’t be a surprise). My picks went 3-1 last week. My only wrong pick was the Falcons… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 2

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Flamin’ Four – Week 1

NFL Football is finally back! New England and Kansas City started off the season last night with a bang that no one expected. This year is filled with many different story lines: Will the Patriots roll to the Super Bowl? How does Atlanta bounce back? Does the Steelers defense improve enough to dethrone the Patriots?… Continue reading Flamin’ Four – Week 1

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Don’t Criticize Excellence Embrace It

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship last week to cap off one of the most boring NBA playoffs known to date. That’s the headline most news outlets have flaunted this past week, and they are right. Both the Warriors and Cavs have been dominant all season and if you are any type of… Continue reading Don’t Criticize Excellence Embrace It